Squirrel Control Services

Squirrel Info:

Gray squirrels are the most frequent invaders of homes in the Kansas City metro area. Gray squirrels are active year round and usually breed twice a year, in mid to late winter and again in late summer. Two to four young are born several weeks later. The young usually remain with mom until the next litter comes along. Squirrels are opportunists and can exploit any weakness they find in roof lines, soffits, facias, and vents. This is especially true if you have wood shake shingles.

Nuisance Concerns:

Since squirrels often use homes and buildings as “their homes”, they can damage your home in several ways. Squirrels can use an existing hole or create their own by chewing through wood shingles, fascias, and soffits. Squirrels can also chew through roof vents and screens. This contamination can result in a biohazard risk to the dwelling’s occupants. Great Plains Wildlife and Pest Contol Services LLC can remove soiled insulation, decontaminate the affected areas and install new insulation in your attic.

Great Plains Wildlife & Pest Control Services

We are your complete wildlife and pest control service company. Our licensed, state certified and insured professionals will develop a customized plan to suit your specific needs.

Great Plains Wildlife and Pest Control Services LLC, specializes in services such as the removal of squirrels or raccoons in attics, raccoons in the chimney, mole control, attic restoration and damage repairs, general pest control, termite control.

Give us a call anytime to discuss your wildlife problem. We service all of Greater Kansas City Metro area.

Nuisance Wildlife removal-Squirrels, Raccoons, Moles, Skunks, Birds, Bats and more

  • Damage Repairs
  • Prevention and Exclusion
  • Waste cleanup
  • Attic restoration, insulation replacement with T.A.P. pest control insulation
  • Bird Exclusion
  • Rodent Control
  • Termite inspections and control
  • General Pest Control-Ants, Cockroaches, Silverfish, Crickets, Spiders, mice and more.

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