Mole Control Services


Moles are very common in the Kansas City area. The Eastern Mole is the most common in this area. Moles live under the ground, and the nuisance problem they cause is because of their digging.

Nuisance Concerns:

Surface tunnels, ridges or mounds of dirt in the lawn. These are a result of the Moles travels in their search for food.
Many people take great pride in the care of their lawns and landscaping, and are very disturbed to see tunnels and mounds of dirt all over their lawns and flower beds and wish to trap and remove moles from the property.

The only real way to solve a problem with moles is to trap and remove them. In fact, if your yard is full of tunnels and dirt mounds, it’s probably the result of a single mole’s activity. Moles have a very high metabolism, and they are very active – they can dig up 18 feet an hour under good soil conditions. They are also largely territorial except during the breeding season. In the Kansas City area the average yard with Mole damage contains one or two Moles. but they can really make a mess of your lawn or flower beds. To solve the mole problem the mole has to be captured and removed. The use of traps, such as spear traps, scissor traps, or underground clamp traps are the most effective tools for Mole removal.

GPWS offers two different solutions for Mole control. Solution one is we come out on a service call to inspect your property; traps are placed to capture the Moles causing the damage. The traps are checked regularly until all moles have been captured and removed from your lawn. The cost for solution one is based on a service call fee to inspect and set traps. Then we charge a fee for each mole that we capture and remove. This service is geared toward customers that have the occasional mole problem in their lawn.

Solution two is a six month maintenance contract. This is geared for the customer that has reoccurring mole problems over and over. This program is based on a flat rate fee to cover the entire 6 month period for unlimited mole removal.

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Great Plains Wildlife and Pest Control Services LLC, specializes in services such as the removal of squirrels or raccoons in attics, raccoons in the chimney, mole control, attic restoration and damage repairs, general pest control, termite control.

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