Bird & Pigeon Control Services

Bird & Pigeon Control

  • Birds, pigeons, in particular, are a common nuisance animal in the Kansas City area.
  • Pigeons are common in urban environments and cause the following problems:
  • Pigeons leave droppings in public areas.Pigeons roosting on beams, store signs, etc.
  • Pigeons roosting on beams, store signs, etc.Pigeons living in a home or building attic.
  • Pigeons living in a home or building attic.
  • Pigeon control is an important part of nuisance wildlife control in the KC metro area.
  • Pigeons often choose to roost on or in buildings, and their droppings are not only unsightly and caustic but unsanitary.

They love the ledges of buildings, store signs, beams and poles, parking garages, gas stations, and pretty much any semi-protected architecture with a flat surface. Once they’ve established a roost, they stay.

Diseases: Pigeons carry a number of parasites and mites, which can infest the nesting areas and feathers. However, the most common concern with pigeons is histoplasmosis, a lung disease that humans can contract from the fungal spores that grow on pigeon droppings. If the droppings are allowed to accumulate, they serve as a fertile growth area for this fungus.

Birds in Attics:
Certain birds, pigeons in particular, like to live in the attics of homes and buildings. This poses a health risk to the building’s inhabitants. In homes, people are often bothered by the noise the pigeons make when roosting in an attic, and they leave a lot of droppings behind.

Starlings also cause problems in this area. The most common are:

  • Starlings building nests in dryer or bathroom exhaust vents. This is common in the spring time.
  • Starlings entering soffit areas to build nests.
  • Starlings entering roof vents to enter the attic area. This often results in a “hay stack” nest under the vents in the attic area. This material is often from Starling using this area for many years.

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